Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quiche Bento

Last night I made a simple spinach quiche for dinner. I had never made a quiche before but I have watched my mother make them plenty as I grew up. It actually turned out quite well and we had plenty of leftovers for my lunch today, Jim's bento and for his dinner tonight (seeing as how I am going out of town tonight to visit my grandparents for the weekend). For those interested here is the VERY simple recipe for the quiche.

1 premade Pillsbury Pie Crust
1 ½ cups cooked spinach (or anything else you want to put in - tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, ham, etc.)
1 cup of shredded cheese (I used a a mix of Romano, Mozzarella, Asiago, and Parmesan)
2 cups of milk (heavy cream, light cream, 2⁒, whole, or a mixture of several)
4 eggs
dash of nutmeg
dash of salt

Preheat oven to 350ยบ F. Cook spinach. Place pie crust in pie plate. Add cheese to crust. Layer filling (spinach) on top. Mix milk, egg, and spices in a separate bowl. Carefully pour milk mixture over the top of cheese and filling. Bake 45 min or until a knife inserted in middle comes out clean.

The main lunch box contained:
Spinach Quiche
Grape Tomatoes to fill in the gaps

The secondary box contained:
Tomato and Cilantro salad with Garlic Olive Oil
• Green Grapes

I also threw in his bag:
• Kozy Shack's Rice Pudding

You are probably wondering why the quiche was sliced like that. Well, when I originally cut the pieces, the 2 wedges fit perfectly together, but I had inadvertainly grabbed the smaller of the 2 boxes to size the quiche slices. When I realized this and switched boxes, I had more room so I sliced up a long skinny piece to compensate. Oh well. I also ran out of time today so I had to do a repeat of the cilantro tomato salad from Tuesday. Jim said it was tasty so he didn't mind (not that he would).

There probably won't be any more posts from me until *maybe* next Tuesday, but I am not sure when I am getting back from my Grandparent's (they live 300 miles away and don't have internet).

See you all when I get back!

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