Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bologna and Swiss Roll-up Bento

I totally dropped the ball. This was supposed to be posted on Tuesday (so i fixed the time stamp- this was actually posted 2 days late) but Jim proposed to me so my mind went out the window. I am so excited but I'm sure none of you are here for my personal news so on with the bentos!

This was a weirdo bento. I threw in a whole bunch of random stuff. Not all of it is that fun and I was in such a rush that the roll ups were a mustardy mess. This is what happens when you sleep in and your mind draws a complete blank when you enter the kitchen. Thanks goes out to Jim for actually eating this one.

The bologna is actually sweet lebanon bologna, which is actually quite tasty, so I hope that made up for this crazy melange.

The main lunch box contained:
Lebanon Bologna & Swiss Roll-ups
Cheese Squares
Grape Tomatoes

The secondary box contained:
Banana Bread cubes
Coco Drop Peanut Butter Cookies (with choco nipples removed for travel)

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