Thursday, September 25, 2008

Turkey Wrap Bento

I haven't really had much time lately to blog about bentos. That's mainly because I have only made two since the last blog, but also because Jim bought a new house recently. Since the move we have been spending every bit of time we have working on the house, furniture shopping, painting, and cleaning. Jim's lunches have been falling by the wayside because I may or may not be there in the morning to pack them (I have not officially moved in yet and Jim thinks making himself a turkey sandwich is easier for him). We also don't really have a good arsenal of bento supplies, and it is not really taking priority yet. 

Also, not having a digital camera here is hindering my bento documentation. However, I do have my built in laptop webcam camera to take pictures, but the quality suffers dramatically. Believe me, better bentos and images will follow.

The main lunch box contained:
Turkey Wrap made with olive oil mayo, onion powder, deli turkey, lettuce, and tomato. I would typically toast it, but since he's not eating it warm, I didn't bother.

The secondary box contained:
• Garden Salsa Sun Chips

The side container contained:
• Fresh Home-made Garden Salsa for dipping his wrap.

This bento isn't glorious, but with a new house and new kitchen I'm starting small and working my way back up again. Hopefully I will have more supplies soon. Jim has begun working from home 3 days a week so my bento-ing will probably only happen on Tuesday and Thursday when he commutes. That should give me the stamina to make excellent lunches more regularly...hopefully.

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