Monday, September 29, 2008

Top 10 Bento Accessories

Since I don't have any new bento lunches to show anyone, I figured I would do a list of all the more popular bento accessories. Here you can read and see what people use to create the fun and cute bento boxes that have been found all over the internet. Some are tools that are used in construction of the boxes, others are simple decorative accessories to make the food look even more appealing. All of these pictures are just examples found at Ichiban Kan.

1. Baran Food Dividers 

Jungle up your bento with some bento grass, good for keeping your dry snacks dry and your saucy bits out of your plain bits, and great for whipping up your own original bento art creations.
These come in a variety of shapes and colors and some even feature cartoon characters like the Clickity Click animals and Hello Kitty.

2. Food Picks

These food picks are shaped to make food look more attractive to kids. By inserting the picks, cherry tomatoes become balloons, carrots turns into flowers and so on. Other picks have animals on top or are shaped like food or characters. Generally speaking they are mini utensils to keep small foods together or make little pieces easier to eat.

3. Paper or Aluminum Food Cups

These disposable food cups act like the food dividers only they have a bit more cup-like qualities. You can separate slightly moist foods from dry foods easily with these. Also, with paper and aluminum cups clean up is simple because you can just toss the mess. I use muffin tins as food cups and they work great!

4. Silicon Food Cups

Similar to the previous cups, these are made of silicon. They can bend to form shapes around the rest of the bento lunch and can be washed and reused.

5. Sauce Bottles

These are really great for very liquidly sauces like soy sauce or oil & vinegar because the little spout allows you to pour out the contents. These little bottle can stay plain or you can use the stickers to turn them into penguins. Also, these bottles come with a little cap to make sure they stay sealed during travel.

6. Condiment Bottles

These can be used for liquid sauces (like previously mentioned) but I like to use mine for thicker sauces like salad dressings and BBQ sauce. They can be easily squeezed to release their sauce so its easier to use with thicker stuff.

7. Food Cutters

The mini food cutter molds can be used to punch out shapes from fish cake, carrots, cucumbers, and other veggies. These come in lots of shapes and sizes.

Also included in the set is reusable plastic sheet that can be used as a template to create a picture of a car when filled with chopped egg, cooked ground meat, rice, etc.

8. Boiled Egg Molds

With this mold, it is so fun to make and eat boiled eggs! This set shapes eggs into rabbits and bears. Works best with the L size eggs. Just plop a warm hard boiled egg in the mold and press the halves together. After a 10 minute cold water bath the egg expands to form the shape! What fun!

9. Rice Molds

Fun rice molds are the essential tool for creating those yummy looking bento lunches! Easy to use and fun to decorate. These molds also come in all shapes and sizes for all appetites. Just fill the molds with rice, use the press to mold it into place and pop it out. You can then decorate the rice shapes with veggies, fruit, or nori.

10. Seaweed Cutters

With one punch you get 2 eyes and a smily mouth to place on vegetables or rice balls. Just use nori, or dried seaweed sheets like paper and place the little face in the lunch. You can find many shapes for these punches including other faces, animals, and shapes.

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