Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Japanese Fried Rice Bento

I'm not exactly sure where the name of the main dish comes from considering its not Japanese nor fried rice. Maybe at one time you did fry the rice for this recipe, but that has long since been forgotten as this quick and easy recipe was passed down through my family.

To make the "fried rice" is simple and quite tasty. Slice carrots into coins and slice a few onions. Cook some rice while you fry the vegetables together in a skillet with some olive oil. Cut into strips a cooked leftover piece of meat (we had leftover roast from Sunday). Toss the meat in the vegetable mixture last (add oil as needed) and cook until warm through out. Mix the whole thing together with the rice and serve with soy sauce. It is excellent and uses up leftover meat.

This bento was for my mother. Jim's Monday bento wasn't photographed because it wasn't very pretty and we were in the process of moving Jim into his new home so we didn't have a camera. I must admit though, my photography is getting better.

The main lunch box contained:
• Leftover Japanese Fried Rice
• 2 fish full of lower sodium Soy Sauce

The secondary box contained:
• Sliced Plum
• Fresh Blueberry spears
Cocoa dusted Almonds

The drink was:
• Fresh Fruit Smoothie made with mango, blueberries, plum, and V8 V-Fusion Light (not pictured)

As you can see, kind of, I did attempt to make a little scene in this bento. I tried to make the main bento into an aquarium. The rice is the water, the carrots are supposed to be the gravel, the meat slices are attempting to look like seaweed or plants, and the little soy sauce bottles are the fish...well, I tried.

Also, I would like to note, that I used white Jasmine rice. You could use healthier brown rice (which is how my mother always made it) but I was in a time crunch and every minute counted.


Anthem said...

I can certainly vouch for the fried rice. It was very flavorful and filling. The bento I had Monday was notable as well for its exotic flair provided by starfruit slices. You always pack a good bento.

Coffee and Vanilla said...

Thank you for your entry, beautiful! :)