Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anti-theft Lunch Bag

This is quite an idea. Sherwood Forlee, a self proclaimed designer, has come up with an ingenious idea for keeping co-workers out of your lunch bag.

As stated on his Anti-theft Lunch Bag webpage,
Stealing your co-worker's lunch is a downright contemptible act, that is, if it's perpetrated by someone other than you. But, if you've ever had your lunch stolen, you know the the frustration and anger it causes. You know the revenge and ill-will it inspires. And you know that no matter how well you try to hide your lunch bag at the back of the refrigerator, something's gonna be missing when you open it. Well, lament no more. The Anti-Theft Lunch Bag to the rescue . . .

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags are regular sandwich bags that have green splotches printed on both sides. After your sandwich is placed inside, no one will want to touch it.

Here is why no one will want to touch it.



If you are interested in owning one or more of these "moldy" bags, you can email skforlee(at)gmail . com and he will let you know when they become available.

These bags remind me of ThinkGeek's, Atomic Food Containers (see image at right). Imagine packing a bento using all this fun "hands-off" gear. I'm not sure you'd have an appetite left for lunch.

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