Monday, August 18, 2008

Rigatoni Bento

Leftovers certainly make the best bento boxes. Everything is home-made, easy to gather and assemble, and if it was loved the night before, perhaps it will be loved again! Thankfully, Jim has no issues eating leftovers, so I pack them for him a lot. This morning I packed a simple lunch with the leftover rigatoni from the night before.

I am submitting this lunch box to Coffee & Vanilla's Wholesome Lunch Box event for September, because of the vegetarian entree (made with organic tomatoes), the organic strawberries, the energy packed nuts and the low calorie cookie dessert. Also, I am entering this pretty little bento into the Not Exactly Bento Photo Contest as well. Wish me luck! ;-)

The main lunch box contained:
Rigatoni (made with fresh home-grown heirloom tomatoes and cheese; recipe found here at Tasty Planner)
• Buttered Italian bread
• Cocoa dusted almonds (to fill in the gaps)

The secondary box contained:
• Organic Strawberries
Camembert wedge (with the rind removed)
Mini chocolate chip cookies fill in the gaps


Anthem said...

Beautiful and delicious! I love all the bentos you pack for me.

Coffee and Vanilla said...

Beautiful, thank you for your entry!! :)