Saturday, August 16, 2008

Post Camping Bento Box

Jim and I (as well as my entire immediate family) headed north recently to attend my family's annual reunion. Every year, my family gathers at Black Moshannon State Park, in central PA, to camp for a few days before the reunion. It is always a blast, and now that Jim and I have all new camping gear and a tent that is envied by all, we were on cloud 9 (especially with the temperature hovering around 72 the whole time!)

Anyway, after we returned home tired and with our coolers nearly empty, we put away what little food was left from the trip, did some laundry, and we all passed out before having to return to work the following day. Because we had no fresh food I had to be creative with Jim's bento the next day. If you look close you can see all the camping goodies I had to pack the bento with.

The main lunch box contained:
• 1 Nutri-Grain bar (a handy breakfast snack when you're camping)
• 1 peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwich (I like eating PB&Js outdoors)

The secondary box contained:
Fruit Salad (left over from the reunion)

***If I could interject my own blog for a moment: The fruit salad was amazing. Everyone brings a dish to share at the reunion and this was my contribution. It included: cherries, green grapes, cantaloup, plums, nectarines, and strawberries. It was the best ever.***  

I also slid a dessert under the main box's lid:
• 1 melted and then refrozen Hershey's chocolate bar (because we all know smore's are the best)

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