Thursday, August 14, 2008

German Bento Box

Both my mother and my boyfriend LOVE German food with a fiery passion (much like that of the German people). For my first bento attempt, I decided to take this love and bento it all up. I am also entering the image of Jim's bento into a bento photo contest. What fun!

Due to the fact that I just bought a nice new white bento for my mother, I didn't want the red pickled cabbage to totally stain the inside of the box, so I wrapped the inside of that compartment with saran wrap. It worked perfectly, left no stain, and clean up was really easy for her when she was done. Here is what the saran wrapped compartment looked like:

Below is what the Jim's bento looked like (and my entry for the contest).

The main lunch box contained:
1 Weisswurst (with parsley) sausage &
1 Bratwurst sausage nestled in a bed of
Hot German potato salad (recipe can be found at Tasty Planner)

The secondary box contained:
Pickled red cabbage next to
Pickled beets
Cucumber salad is kept away from the beets with a devider
Spicy mustard for the sausage is found in the little sauce container

I also slid a German inspired dessert under the main boxes lid:
• 2 squares of Belgian milk chocolate
• 1 slice of Schlunder Cappuccino Liqueur Cake
• 1 Mandelgeback mit Cremefullung (an almond cookie with cream filling)

Most of the German fare (including the sausage) was purchased at my local German market called Muller's. It includes a large inventory of imported German products, including deli meats, sausages, breads, canned goods, Spaetzle, etc. Some baked goods are provided by another chef.

It's not the most beautiful box, but it is very German in spirit. Sausage tossed on a bed of potatoes with a bacon dressing; pickled vegetables and spicy mustard; and what German lunch would be complete without a few sweets! By they way, here is my mother's bento box. It is very simple, but it included all she wanted.


Mimi said...

This is delicious. Do you have a recipe for that potato salad?

JoanieLSpeak said...

I just added the recipes to some of the food found in my bentos. I will keep this up for readers reference. I manage a blog and maintain an account on Tasty Planner, so they can be found there.

As for your potato salad, the recipe can be found here.