Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ordering New Bento Boxes!

While looking for our first bento boxes, I mentioned this whole idea to my mother. She thought it was a fantastic idea so she promptly insisted that I order her a set as well. Searching for a cheaper set (since this is all beginning so experimental) I stumbled upon Ichiban Kan. They have incredibly cheap bento boxes and all sorts of fun accessories! Because I needed a masculine bento box for my boyfriend, Jim, I ordered the sleek moderns black and blue double tiered bento with a belt, chopsticks (that fit in the lid), and bag.

Then I looked for feminine boxes for my mom and I and we both decided on the same box! They are a new "natural" design that is fun and super cute. The side of the bag says "Lunch time will make everybody happy!" which is always true. The bento box in double tiered and you can either place your utensils (fork, spoon, and chopsticks) in the convenient utensil case, or inside the lid (if you didn't tuck napkins or goodies in there). They also came with a matching tan drink bottle which was a nice addition. I am obsessed with things that match. These pictures are from the site that I ordered from. I will take more pictures when the package arrives in a few days.

I also purchased (from Ichiban Kan) Jiwa Jiwa Cola candy, which is a favorite in my family but we haven't been able to find it anywhere, a brown tray, and a pack of condiment containers. I can't wait until the package arrives!!

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Anthem said...

I can't wait to get my bento either. This should prove a fun and interesting adventure, indeed!