Monday, July 28, 2008

The Bentos Have Arrived!

This weekend I finally received my much anticipated bento boxes from Ichiban Kan. They are all exactly what I was expecting. I was a little concerned with the quality of the boxes considering how cheap they were, but everything is awesome.

The Men's Bento is a sleek black and gray which is a stark contrast to the thousands of brightly colored Hello Kitty and Anime bentos I see everywhere. It took a lot of searching to find this bento but it was worth it. It is fairly tight and after loading its first meal, I shook it (after putting on its belt of course) and it seemed to pass that test. The medium sized box (the smaller of the two) has a tight fitting divider that seems like it will be very handy since I am beginning my bento journey with not many supplies (including cups). I liked the fact that the plastic bags that the pieces came in color coded and numbered (well lettered really) the parts so you purchased a complete set. Very handy when choosing these items from a large store. Also, the slight indented groove on the lid of the larger box allows for the top box to fit snugly and securely to it. No budging there.

The second set (of which I actually bought 2 complete sets) is super cute and very neutral, no pun intended. They are the brown set and part of the "Natural Lunch Time" bento box series. Each set included a two tiered bento box, an elastic belt, a utensil case (with mini chopsticks, spoon, and fork), a travel drink container, and a tote-style lunch bag. It is all very cute and also fits together quite tightly. My only complaint is that the drink, bento, and utensil case doesn't all fit together in the bag. In order to fit them all you have to stand the bento on its end. Kinda odd, but if you don't always carry a drink, or if your bento is packed with relatively dry goods you can get away with this arrangement. Not to bad in the overall scheme.

The rest of the haul included a brown tray, jiwa jiwa cola candy, and a small pack of condiment containers for the bento lunch sauces. The tray is perfect for its need, the candy is exactly what I was expecting (and very fresh!) and the condiment containers are what I was expecting. They are a little hard to clean (and get stuff into) but they work all the same.

What I think is so great about all this is that it costed a mere $40.96 and that INCLUDED shipping (which was only 10.49)! The tray was the most expensive at a whopping $4.50. Everyone really needs to check out Ichiban Kan for their bento related needs. I'm going to check back when I need more goods. As for right now I'm quite happy with my goodies. Stay tuned for my first packed bento box!


Anthem said...

I know I thoroughly enjoyed my (German-flavored) first bento. Thanks! There are lots of parts to the thing but it's relatively easy to clean.

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For instance, an $eighty massage could be acquired by the buyer for $forty by way of Groupon, and then Groupon and the retailer would split up the $forty. That is, the retailer provides a therapeutic therapeutic massage valued at $eighty and receives about $20 from Groupon for it (underneath a fifty%/50% split up). Or, if $240 effectively worth of home portray companies is obtained by the buyer for $50 by way of Groupon, then the group receives $20 five and Groupon retains $20 five. The purchaser gets the therapeutic massage, or the home portray assist, in these illustrations, from the retailer for which they at very first compensated $forty (or $fifty) to Groupon. There are certain businesses to which Groupon to begin with did not offer you its remedies, like getting pictures ranges and strip golfing equipment even so, having photos ranges have been showcased on Groupon.

Not like categorized advertising, the service provider does not shell out any upfront price to just take element: Groupon collects individualized information from inclined buyers and then contacts only folks clients, primarily by everyday e mail, who may perhaps be fascinated in a certain items or support.

Groupon employs a massive amount of copywriters who draft descriptions for the bargains showcased by e-mail and on the site. Groupon's advertising text for the 'deals' has been observed as a contributing factor to the reputation of the web web site, that involves a unique mix of in depth truth-analyzing and witty humor.

Owing to Groupon's market currently being mostly composed of female clients, the bargains are generally centered on the wellness, health and fitness and class marketplaces.

There are achievable difficulties with the organization item. For instance, a effective offer could speedily swamp a small organization with also a lot of customers, risking a probability that customers will be dissatisfied, or that there won't be adequate answer to fulfill the need from buyers. Gap, a enormous clothes retailer, was able to deal with 445,000 coupon codes in a nationwide deal (though it seasoned server issues at 1 level), but a smaller company could turn into out of the blue flooded with consumers. One espresso store in Portland, Oregon struggled with an increase in buyers for 3 months, when it bought shut to one,000 Groupons on the 1 functioning day it was supplied, in accordance to a single report. In response to relevant problems, Groupon officers state that 'deal' subscriptions ought to be capped in advance to a sensible sum.

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